A crow nestles in a blooming Century plant. The tall yellow flowers may reach a height of 25-30 feet. The plant native to California is also known as an Agave and Agave Americana.


Where Are Our Children?

Die Blaue Stelen


IMG_4045-3000px-1Die Blaue Stelen or Blue Columns, Luitpold Park, Ingolstadt, Germany


Here, one of nine columns in Luitpold Park, commemorates a Jewish citizen of Ingolstadt Germany who later died in Thereisenstadt, Germany, in 1942.


A Blue Column installed in the center of Ingolstadt, Germany commemorates a Catholic Priest, who died at the Dachau Concentration camp, near Münich, Germany.


The former Nazi headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany where the above Blue Column is installed.



The Blaue Stelen  is a memorial of  blue steel columns recalling the victims of  National Socialism or the Nazi regime. The interactive columns are located in public spaces and in historic significant locations – visible throughout Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany. When approached a motion sensor illuminates the glass displayed images of the victims. The columns were created by German artist Dagmar Pachtner.   They stand 180 x 40 x 40 centimeters in size, and were permanently installed in 1998.IMG_5606(Above…

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El Rey


Smoke from the Rey fire in Los Padres National Forest from the downtown vantage point in Santa Barbara, California.


Same photo with  color correction and vignetting. Both photos taken with Apple iPod Touch.

Photos copyright Ana Elisa Fuentes

After Katrina, Came Rita

While the ten year anniversary of hurricane Katrina has came and gone, little has been reported about the second  category five hurricane that hit just three weeks later – hurricane Rita washed ashore, impacting the already vulnerable states of  Louisiana and the rural, sparsely populated regions of Texas.


Anasazi ruins near Durango, Colorado. Photographed on Panatomic-X black and white 35mm film, using a red filter to enhance texture. Below the stairs is the word “kiva.” A kiva is the portal from which humans were believed to have emerged. photo copyright anaelisafuentes

Anasazi ruins near Durango, Colorado. Photographed on Panatomic-X black and white 35mm film, using a red filter to enhance texture. Also known as ‘Cliff Palace,’ the dwelling may be visited at Mesa Verde National Park

photo copyright anaelisafuentes

Portrait Sir Ben Kingsley


From my archive  – portraits of actor, Sir Ben Kingsley, taken in Santa Barbara, California. One of the many reasons I love photography is that I get to meet people from many different walks of life.

However, I must say that this portrait session was a memorable.

Not only was it an honor to photograph this genius of an actor, but he was/is also very genuine, honest, and kind. He is a spiritual man; after all he did portray the Mahatma, in the multi-award winning film Gandhi.


I’ve been working on my portfolio website, looking through thousands of images; but  more importantly looking at them through different eyes – and different apps. The images posted on my blog were recorded on Kodak Black and White Tri-X film; which I developed myself, and color slide film. For the black and white image, I did a painless adjustment using Priime and instagram.

Words, pictures, images copyright Ana Elisa Fuentes