Views from Air and Water

Aerial view of devastation caused by hurricane Katrina, over Gulfport, Mississippi on Sunday September 11, 2005. The long red/orange object to the right, is a barge that served as a gambling casino. The water and winds from the hurricane relocated the casino to a different neighborhood.

ny times front page ms

This is what the front page looked like.

Dap Dang, of Biloxi, Mississippi, paddles his skiff to assess the damages done by hurricane Katrina to the family shrimping business,

in  Gulfport, Mississippi,  on Friday, September 9, 2005.


Throwback Thursday – with all the chatter about the upcoming anniversary of hurricane Katrina, I started going over my photo archive and

rediscovered this photo of me sitting on the tail of a Chinook helicopter, which served as  my photography vantage point while on assignment, flying with the Ohio National Guard.

 One of the best times in my life ever!

Recorded on September 11, 2005.

Hard to believe ten years have gone by.


The Chinook preparing to land in New Orleans, bearing 14 tons of supplies and yours truly. The stench from above was foul.

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