Die Blaue Stelen

IMG_4045-3000px-1Die Blaue Stelen or Blue Columns, Luitpold Park, Ingolstadt, Germany


Here, one of nine columns in Luitpold Park, commemorates a Jewish citizen of Ingolstadt Germany who later died in Thereisenstadt, Germany, in 1942.


A Blue Column installed in the center of Ingolstadt, Germany commemorates a Catholic Priest, who died at the Dachau Concentration camp, near Münich, Germany.


The former Nazi headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany where the above Blue Column is installed.



The Blaue Stelen  is a memorial of  blue steel columns recalling the victims of  National Socialism or the Nazi regime. The interactive columns are located in public spaces and in historic significant locations – visible throughout Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany. When approached a motion sensor illuminates the glass displayed images of the victims. The columns were created by German artist Dagmar Pachtner.   They stand 180 x 40 x 40 centimeters in size, and were permanently installed in 1998.IMG_5606(Above color photograph) Die Blaue Stelen or the Blue Columns in Luitpold park,  Ingolstadt, Germany. The installation is a gedankstätte or denkmal , a permanent reflection site and memorial to the victims of Nationalsozialismus or the Nazi regime


all photographs copyright Ana Elisa Fuentes


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