Dr. Alba

Yesterday, as I was going through photographs I rediscovered a roll or black and white film. Why I did not see them before? Has this happened to you? I realize that the requirements of deadline and demands of color images can impact the way we see things.. so this is my answer. I was delighted to find this roll of film and it took me back to this time and place in the Dominican Republic, just over the border from Haiti..  Looking back also reminds me of the enormous strength of Dr. Alba. A Haitian physician who works out of a mobile medical van serving remote, under-served populations. In this group of images Dr. Alba is treating hurricane-flood survivors relocated to this camp – a barren, dry, hot and unforgiving landscape. Not only did Dr. Alba’s and her van administer healing, and medicines, the van also served as a social hub for people residing in the camp. An inspiration to remember during Women’s History Month



The van funded by the Humanity and Democracy Foundation of Spain. Medicines for the van supplied by Direct Relief International, a Humanitarian organization based in Santa Barbara, California and the American Jewish World Service. Water for drinking, bathing, brushing teeth, and laundry organized by Oxfam International


A malnourished woman waits her turn to see Dr. Alba.


The woman waiting, gets her turn.


People of all ages walk to the mobile van for treatments.

sIMG_0106 sIMG_0134 sIMG_0034



Water for drinking

s037 s030 s023  s010A

Water for laundry. Water for drinking. Water for brushing teeth, Water for bathing.

Water is dignity.

4 thoughts on “Dr. Alba

    1. Oh my gosh, thank you so very much Kitty. Life is tough and some seem to share more burdens than what is humanly possible.. It takes a village to help one another. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and to comment ❤ ❤ ❤ All our relations


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