Women, Climate Change and World Refugee Day: Connect the Dots

webIMG_0164Today is World Refugee Day, and this begs the question, how  many of us will become refugees as a result of climate change? This Haitian woman, is a hurricane survivor who was relocated to a camp in the Dominican Republic at the border with Haiti. TWO PERCENT of Haiti is forested. Simple math tells that the remaining 98 percent is DEFORESTED.

Soil erosion is the result of deforestation, which makes the island nation vulnerable to landslides and floods during hurricane season.

Where there is no soil, there is no food;  which leads to hunger.

Deforestation has led to Haiti to depend on other nations, agencies, ,and NGO’s for food.

According to a report published on June 10th, 2015,  by the United Nations Internal Oversight Services, “over 200 women were forced into sexual acts with UN peacekeepers in exchange for basic necessities”

Think about the number of displaced persons as a result of hurricane Katrina.

Were they not climate refugees?

This week the Guardian published an article on American’s First People who are now America’s First Climate Refugees.

The people of Newtok, Alaska, like the people of Haiti are, literally,  losing the ground below their feet.

Photograph and text copyright Ana Elisa Fuentes


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