A Painful Truth


Three days later I have not been able to forget his face or humanities indifference. This is needless suffering.

Here is a passage from the publication I am reading

” Many injustices thrive in democratic societies and democracy is becoming meaningless for far too many people in the world.

For example,

according to the Global Call to Action against Poverty  (www.whiteband.org)

every single day about 50,000 men, women and children die from preventable causes such as malaria, tuberculosis, AIDS and hunger.

This is simply not a stain on the conscience of humanity. This is a daily passive genocide  or a daily silent tsunami.” – Kumi Naidoo

Can you imagine what the world will look like if we continue to ignore climate change?

The above  photograph is NOT mine.  I came across this image via twitter

Photo credit unknown.


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