Honoring Don Calamar

Today honoring, remembering Don Calamar today, a Combat photographer and Silver Medalist who survived the Invasion of Normandy. Don, was an influence; my first photography/photojournalist instructor  and sometimes father figure . I remember  his soft spoken manner; who taught more by example and his actions. His later years were devoted to family, photography instruction, alternative energy, and peace activism. I remember one day having dinner with he and his wife Pat. They were so excited about the meal they had prepared for me using the solar cooker they had constructed in their garden backyard. Don was one of the founding members of Santa Barbara Veterans for Peace  and Arlington West.

I am so very grateful to have had a person like Don in my life, especially as a guiding force in my photojournalism career. Thank you for reading this tribute; a testimony to how one life can make a big difference in the lives of others.

4 thoughts on “Honoring Don Calamar

  1. Dear Ana,

    This is Diane Calamar Okonek, Don’s daughter in Alaska and just came across this page you did to honor my father. It is very touching. I had no idea! Thank you so much. I will try to pass it on to other family members.




  2. How wonderful to get this from Diane! Don was a quiet man when it came to his past service. I started learning more about him after he past. Such a gentle man and big spirit! Thank you!


  3. Yes he was such a gentle soul and a man of few words, who taught me so much by his example. When I was living in Los Angeles, working for the paper, he and Pat would call me from time to time, to say hello, give me their garden updates, and/or their gardening/building follies from the desert.


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