A Line in the Sand: Are Environmental Issues Influencing Your Election2012 Decisions?

Keenan G., 20, Cellular Biology student, Santa Barbara, California: “I feel like in the beginning, it didn’t. But now, it is a bigger deal. Issues like global warming, ice caps melting and our diminishing resources; these must be difficult decisions for our next president. I feel like the candidates need to listen to the people more and be less concerned with the popularity that comes with being President. Maybe I ought to look into and invest more time in the green party. These are issues that the entire planet is facing, not just the United States.”
Trudy B., 63, Vocalist, Santa Barbara, California: “Yes. I’ve always been interested in environmental issues. I don’t like some of the things we are doing to mother earth. I feel very strongly about our precious mother Earth. In many ways we have been unconscious about how we treat her and her resources. We need to wake up.”
Julie C. 69, Retired Nurse, Shreveport, Louisiana: “To a certain extent. I don’t want us to be foolhardy. I’m from a red state, Louisiana. I want us to be energy independent whether, it’s oil, gas, or solar. I’m a conservative. I study both sides of the issues. There are a lot of resources that should be taken use of. This will provide jobs. We need to be smart about what we do. Take every opportunity, be careful and watchful about how we protect our environment.”
Gerald D. 80, Retired Electrical Engineer, Portland, Oregon: “Environmental issues are not going to convince me one way or another. Period. They are not going to end up doing anything about it anyway.”
Oscar M., 60, Musician, Santa Barbara, California: “The environment is important to me. If I was voting, it would be somebody who is not representing corporate interests. I think we are due for big changes, on all levels, including our environment and our voting system.”
Todd G., 34, Electrician, Sheridan, Oregon: “No, not really. But, I think nuclear is the cleanest energy. I think it has the smallest environmental impact per square foot.”
Kyle D., 22, Unemployed, New Mexico: “I will not base my decisions on political discussion. They are roundabouts and the issues in question are constantly changing. I will decide in my own way. I will do my research then. I will vote based on who they are as a person. Specifics don’t matter.”

All replies and photographs are published with the participants permission. Photographs taken using an iPod touch.

A Line in the Sand column copyright, Ana Elisa Fuentes.

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My sincere thanks to the participants.

Are Environmental issues influencing your election 2012 decisions?

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