>Ode to Spring


The advent of Spring spotlights the cycling season. With two races already in the bag, unseasonably warm weather and fierce competition, I thought I would share a few photos from a sport I love so well.
All photographs © Ana Elisa Fuentes

2010 Tour of Flanders winner Fabian Cancellara.
For more information on the Tour of Flanders, please go here
BMC rider George Hincapie at the start of the Tour of Flanders, 2010

George Hincapie

Fabian Cancellara

At the start in Brugges are (L-R) Belgian rider Tom Boonen (on his signature Eddy Merckx bicycle),  of Team Astana number 22 Allan Davis,  and Belgian Nick Nuyens. 

Matteo Tosatto of Team Quick Step prepares for the Tour of Flanders start on market square Brugges, Belgium, on Sunday April 04, 2010. 

  Team Shack at the start, Lance Armstrong and Markel Irizar. 
Another photo of two of my fave riders, (L-R) Belgians Tom Boonen and far right Nick Nuyens.. Center is Team Astana rider Allan Davis.

All of the photographs in this post were taken at the Tour of Flanders starting line, Brugges, Belgium, April 2010. If you are interested in any of the photos, please contact me directly or ZumaPress. 
…. And for good measure, one of my fave cycling pix, from the Tour of Bavaria, 
Climbing stage, day two in Eichstätt, fourth from front, in the white jersey, Fabian Wegmann of Team Gerolsteiner, Thomas Rohregger of Team Elkhaus-Simplon. and leading the pack in blue,  Pascal Hungerbühler of Team Volksbank  
All photographs © Ana Elisa Fuentes 
Thank you
Thanks for reading, see you on the bike path!

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