Positively Green Education

Absolutely! What about green education? How do we encourage the inquisitiveness and focus captured in this photograph? How do we SUSTAIN this? In addition to the emerging sustainable and renewable energies we need an educational curriculum for children to match it.

The earlier the introduction the better. It is only fair. It is the children who are the heirs to our global catastrophe.

The earlier the better. These children appear focused while having fun. Listening to the Coyote medicine songs and stories. The photographs were taken on assignment some years ago at the Solar Living Institute in Hopland, California. An Earth Day school field trip brought 400 students to learn about the emerging green technologies while having fun. Above, children look at a Hydrogen technology exhibit, which points out that water vapor is the only emission. As you know the German car manufacturer BMW has created a water fueled vehicle, called the Hydrogen 7. You can go for a test drive here. (the video is ten minutes long). Keep reading please, because children are important. In some cultures it is the health of the children that measures the success of that tribe, culture, or village. Listen/see another video on what Native American youth have to say. Please go here.

A one day field trip like this can leave a life-long, lasting impression. Can you imagine what a child friendly math/science/green/school textbook would look like? If you can then perhaps you might consider writing one. Above, Adam Locker a teacher and Photovoltaic energy installer encourages children to pedal a stationary bicycle to generate electricity. The screens display the kilowatts generated through their cycling efforts. Wow! This stationary cycling teaches children the correlation between exercise, healthy living, and energy generation. Energy generation rather than consumption.

Below Doug Livingston, a power and systems design consultant explains hydrogen technology, to third and fourth graders. How Positive!

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Images ©Ana Elisa Fuentes/aefpix

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