Positively Green: All That Glitters Is Green

“The chief function of the body is to carry the brain around,” wrote inventor Thomas Alva Edison. He went on to add, “great ideas originate in the muscles.”

Interesting notions.

Well, if you add fashion to this equation you might find yourself at the Environmental Media Awards, where all that glitters is green.

Not your normal red carpet event, the website boasts a quote from former Vice President Al Gore, “I greatly admire the work of this organization. No group has had a larger impact on the thinking Americans bring to the environment, on the way we, as a nation, converse with the problems that beset the environment.” – Vice President Al Gore.

Not a bad recommendation.

It is in the Hollywood d.n.a. to champion the causes of the less fortunate, often bringing their stellar off screen presence to spotlight the afflictions and illnesses within our humanity with the aspiration to empower us as individuals to take action rather than succumb to or fall victim to apathy.

Yet, falling into the rabbit hole of apathy could prove to be our own very worse downfall. Indeed in this scenario, we all could be, every single one of us, one of the less fortunate. We as every day people of our planet could be virtually displaced. Homeless, hungry, thirsty. Eco-refugees.

Never has a call to action been so loud. An imperative. Never has the figure of speech “walk your talk” been so literal. Indeed, all of these figures, these very embodiments of brains, muscle, and fashion do walk their talk, positively.

Words + photos © Ana Elisa Fuentes/Aefpix.
Photographed for Fashion Wire Daily.
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Positively Green is a visual project in development dedicated to documenting stories like this one. Stories of the innovators, communities, individuals and organizations living Global Greening a life choice committed to the reversing global warming.

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