Positively Green: A Friend In Deed

Extending like a dragons tail over the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, between the California shore and nowhere, is the rock bed known as Ennepah or Anacapa Island. Ennepah in the Chumash language translates to deceptive or mirage. The Coastal Chumash gave the arid landscape this name to describe the ever changing weather patterns and thus to describe it’s appearance from the coast or upon approach as seen from the perspective of a Tomol.
Ennepah is a chain of three islands, barren and uninviting.
It is an island of stark beauty, jagged coastline, sweeping views and sustainable energy. Solar panels provide the electricity for park ranger and visitor housing needs. Tractors & generators are fueled by biodiesel. So is the Sea Ranger II, the 58-foot vessel operated by Channel Islands National Park. A diamond in the rough, Anacapa Island is a testimony to the commitment of environmental preservation, successful implementation of renewable and sustainable energies and the tireless commitment of it’s steward Kent Bullard. Imbued with abundant energy, drive and commitment to the sustainability of our planet, Kent is walking encyclopedia of sustainability practices and his voracity is contagious. Seen here, Kent monitors the quality and levels of Biodiesel for the islands tractor. He is the founder of the Southern California Biodiesel Users Group, a co-founder of the Los Angeles Biodisel Users Coop, and serves on the U.S. National Biodiesel Quality Assurance Board. Last but not least, Kent is my mentor and colleague and a fine example of Positively Green .

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