Bee conservation

This photograph was an experiment recorded in my garden in Buxheim. We grew a garden to encourage bumblebees, birds, and butterflies. I rather like the black and white, high key image, it leaves the color to the imagination while preserving the texture of the bees and sunflowers. If you want to promote bee culture in your garden, I suggest sunflowers, they just love it. It is difficult to believe that these sweet creatures are threatened.

3 thoughts on “Bee conservation

  1. I agree with you now even bee are getting endangered. I think that everyone of us must grow some plants or trees in our house garden if possible. We people must try to bond more with beautiful nature.


  2. Absolutely. Can anyone imagine life without bees? We cannot have life without them. Bees love sunflowers. They are very easy to grow, do not require much care (encouragement for the time/plant challenged individuals)and this small contribution helps the life/food chain enormously. Thank you for posting.


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