Photos as Friends

Strange thought isn’t it? Photographs as friends. Old friends. The photographs posted today were taken back in the days of Tri-X, Panatomic-X and Positives a.k.a slide film. Some personal favorites from the archive. Seeing them again, like an old friend, brought tears to my eyes. Their reincarnation in scanned and digitized form did not take away the memories of these moments..and this is why:
(above)During what would be one of a handful of trips to the Caribbean; I heard about this fishing women’s cooperative. Piquing my interest, I set out to find them. Later. After many hours on slow boats, the wrong boats, and tender sunburned and peeled skin later I found the women. They lost all of their boats and equipment to a hurricane. So the story evolved into a different kind of story – a series of portraits. The woman photographed candidly above was one that did not give up her craft. She made her canoe and continued to fish to feed herself and family. I recorded this moment as she was coming in with her fresh catch. . And no, I did not taste the fish.
A worker gets relief from the midday sun under a canvass canopy. He had been unloading food relief for hurricane survivors for a greater part of that morning. This image was purchased by the Human Resources dept at the University of California at Santa Barbara.
Brother and sister light a lamp to welcome the evening and their guests.
A young boy from Chernobyl receives medical treatment for Leukemia…
in the Caribbean.

Dusk in Asmat land. Indonesian, New Guinea.
All photos copyright Ana Elisa Fuentes/AefPix and will be available very soon for editorial and/or commercial licensing.

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