Coffee, Cozido, Caldeiras and Corn ?

What do the words in the above headline have in common?

It’s not obvious, but if you’ve already glanced at the photos, you will have noticed billowing clouds of steam, vaporizing into the nocturnal indigo sky. What are you seeing is a natural and renewable source of energy providing 25 percent of the populations electricity needs.

That is geothermal energy. Pure, raw and volcanic. Defined, “Geothermal Energy is energy stored in the form of heat beneath the surface of the solid earth.”

The European Union imports 50 percent of all it’s energy needs.

Yet people like the man in the above photo and Jose Pereira a school teacher

have been steaming corn, making coffee, and cooking cozido in the caldeiras since….? Time began.

Geothermal. another example of POSITIVE GREEN energy.

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