Biofuels: From the Field to the Tank

‘Biofuels: From The Fields To The Tank’
is a photo story that illustrates the step by step process of the plant derived, alternative fuel known as

Biofuels or SVO (straight vegetable oil) and Biodiesel . The photographs were published this past week on the Global Reporting Initiative website which maybe viewed here. Please take a look
Much has been written on the subject and most recently an article published by Reuters news agency quoting Jane Goodall. She is quoted as saying that biofuel crops hurt rainforests. I have to wonder if this statement was taken out of context? I disagree with this statement. Biofuel crops do not hurt rain forests. I offer the opinion that is is the slash and burn land management that hurts the rain forests. So Jane, with all due respect, please rephrase your statement.
I would like to offer this sustainability guideline published on the Bioenergywiki: social, economic and environmental. All three aspects must be met if something is to be considered truly sustainable.

* Anything which protects the environment by driving people into poverty, or something that supports the economy while undermining environmental services, will inevitably collapse, often with devastating consequences for people today and future generations.
* While nothing can be sustained forever, ecosystems, including those with humans, have maintained themselves for tens of thousands of years.
This definition is provided by the Bioenergy wiki
All photographs on this blog are the copyright of Ana Elisa Fuentes.

If you are interested in licensing photos, please go here
More photos will be posted to this blog.

Photos from left to righ, raps seeds in the pod. When the seeds are pressed they produce Raps oil — used for cooking and for alternative fuel.
Raps in harvest, raps oil directly into a tractor fuel tank and the raps in spring time full bloom.

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